Friday, January 30, 2009

January 30th - Food experiment

Wait, can a twinkie even be considered "food"? Well anyway - Shannon came up with this one... shoot a twinkie once a week and see how much it changes. Will it rot? Will it get moldy? Will it not change at all? Only one way to find out. This is science in action! Tune in next Friday, and see how it looks after 7 days out of the wrapper! 1/80th sec. f/22 iso 800


  1. Food?
    Can you pronounce the ingredients??

    It is...
    a mouth toy,
    bum cushion,
    a Pavlovish drool drug

    I'll be back latter, for some reason I have a craving...

  2. Thank goodness I've never eaten one of those - looks quite unappetizing - wonder if it will get more so as the weeks roll on.

  3. Don't start now!

    After a hike, when some small gas and go, which happens to be the only store anywhere near the trail, has only Twinkies available, they don't seem so awful.

    It's my mom's fault! She made cookies for my school lunch when the other kids got those chocolate cupcakes, suzi-q's and Twinkies. I wanted to lick out the cream filling like everyone around me was doing. And lest you think I had the better deal (I actually did) NO ONE would trade with me. I'm still trying, all these years later to resist the temptation, but I must confess susang, I know what they taste like and am still trying to figure out why they got popular.

  4. Must have been really good marketing I suppose...